How Can a Parent Sign Over Guardianship?

Sometimes parents have to make the difficult decision to allow another person to care for their child. Luckily, we have a legal process called guardianship in this country that allows parents to choose this option for different reasons such as: Being mentally or physically unable to provide proper care Having an addiction to drugs or

Law Lingo: Living Will

Welcome to Law Lingo: a monthly blog series brought to you by Brown & Crona, LLC that explains estate planning terminologies in simple terms. This month we will explain living wills. A living will, sometimes referred to as an advanced directive, is a legal document that gives you a voice when you are unable to

Can a Conservator Sign Documents?

The courts appoint conservators in Colorado to manage the financial affairs of an incapacitated adult (protected person) or a minor child who is under age 21. These duties include: Paying monthly bills Managing investments Determining the value of property or real estate Purchasing small and large items Selling large items like a car, home or

How Do I Set Up a Conservatorship?

Conservatorships are set up to help incapacitated adults (respondents) manage their financial affairs. This can also be set up for a minor child who has assets in his or her name. If you have a loved one who you feel can no longer handle the responsibilities of paying bills, managing investments, buying or selling property,

Is an Attorney Needed to Settle an Estate?

The death of a loved one can be an emotional rollercoaster: sadness and heartbreak can mix with confusion to leave you feeling overwhelmed – especially if you are named the executor of the deceased person’s estate. In the midst of your grief, the duties of executor need to move forward in a timely manner to

Law Lingo: Power of Attorney

Welcome to Law Lingo: a monthly blog series brought to you by Brown & Crona, LLC that explains estate planning terminologies in simple terms. This month we will explain a power of attorney. A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document which appoints another person or organization (known as the agent) to act on

Is a Guardian Responsible for Bills?

If you are named a legal guardian, you will be responsible for the well-being of another person (legally referred to as a ward). Whether the ward is a minor or an incapacitated adult who is incapable of handling their own affairs, caring for this individual can be costly. Think about the bills you incur each

Can You Sue a Conservator in Denver?

The short answer to this question is YES, but let’s delve a little deeper. A conservator is a person appointed by the court to manage the financial affairs and estate of an adult person that becomes incapacitated. A conservator can be appointed for a minor. Conservators are responsible for duties such as: Paying bills Managing

Who Gets a Copy of a Trust?

One of the reasons to create a trust instead of a will is to keep your estate private after you pass away. The information contained in a trust is not public record and does not move through the probate process (in contrast to a will). In fact, trusts aren’t recorded anywhere in the court system.

How Do You Dispute a Trust?

We’ve all watched movies where the wealthy family of their deceased patriarch gathers together in the library for the reading of a will or trust. Prepared to inherit millions, there is a feeling of excitement and entitlement in the air. As the lawyer begins the reading, “I, Biff Digby, being of sound mind and body,