What is a Pet Trust?

“Animals are sentient, intelligent, perceptive, funny and entertaining. We owe them a duty of care as we do to children.” Michael Morpurgo, English book author, poet, playwright & librettist Pets today are truly members of our family. We have birthday parties for them…we include them on holiday cards…we get them special beds and toys…we organize

Do You Need an Estate Tax Planning Lawyer?

The federal estate tax exemption limit has increased dramatically over the last few years. This is good news for many people! Estates that fall below a certain threshold of value will be exempt from estate taxes. For 2019, the federal estate tax exemption is: Under $11.40 million in assets (for a single person) Under $22.80

Finding an Estate Lawyer in Denver

Sometimes it’s the simplest online reviews that pack the most punch. When you are researching estate attorneys in the Denver metro area, you may come across simple reviews about the results and treatment at Brown & Crona, LLC – reviews like:  “Excellent!” and “Answered all our questions and completed work as promised.” These are two

What is Trustee Fiduciary Duty?

Trustees are individuals or institutions who are specifically named in a person’s trust to carry out certain duties. The trustee is responsible for managing the assets that are in the trust while that person is still living and after the person’s death. Being named as a trustee does not mean that you now inherit another

Probate and Letters of Administration

When a person passes away, they may leave behind property and money that must be distributed to someone else. If the estate’s net worth hits a certain threshold, the estate will go through formal or informal probate based upon various factors.  The probate process is different depending on if the deceased had created a will

Is a Handwritten Will Valid in Colorado?

A Holographic Will: This sounds like something right out of Star Wars. Does a holographic will mean you can record yourself reading your will and then have your 3D talking image projected through a droid after you pass away? Unfortunately, the answer is no for a couple of reasons: Princess Leia’s 3D projection from R2-D2

What Does Intestate Mean?

The legal term of intestate means to die without having written a valid last will and testament. If you die intestate in Colorado, your closest living relatives will receive the assets you personally owned as outlined in intestate succession laws. These decisions are based on your home life when you die – whether or not

Can I Put My House in a Trust?

The short answer to this question is: Yes. Many people choose to put their home(s) in a trust. Your house does not have to be worth millions to make this a viable option. One of the main reasons people choose to do this is to help their loved ones avoid the probate process after they

How Does a Testamentary Trust Work?

Parents want to protect their children from harm at the hands of others, but sometimes they also need to protect their children from their own tendencies to make bad choices. Assume for a moment that you have a child that has any one or a combination of these personality traits: Lives beyond their means Addicted