What are Trust Services?

Trust services have nothing to do with gathering up faith or confidence in something…or do they? In a way, trust services are just that. Let’s delve further. Trust services, or trust administration, refers to the handling of your estate after you have passed away or are incapacitated (if you have created a trust as opposed

Do Legal Guardians Get Paid?

A legal guardian is a person who is put in charge of caring for and making decisions on behalf of another person (referred to as a ward). A ward can be a minor or an incapacitated adult who is incapable of caring for themselves or making decisions related to their medical care.  The guardian can

Do Conservators of an Estate Get Paid?

If you have been named a conservator of an estate by the courts, this means you have been selected to handle the financial affairs on behalf of an incapacitated adult who is still living. This can occur if the incapacitated adult did not specify an agent under durable financial power of attorney. While appointment as

Living Will vs. Advance Directive

An advance care directive is a set of instructions made in advance to state how you would like to be cared for if you should become incapacitated in the future – or when you pass away. There are several different types of advance directives in Colorado: Living will Medical durable power of attorney Declaration of

What is an Emergency Conservatorship?

An emergency conservatorship in Colorado can be requested if a person (Respondent) is involved in an accident or has a condition that leaves them unable to make decisions, communicate or perform daily functions related to their finances. This incapacitation will make it impossible for the person to pay bills, manage their property, etc. A loved

What is Business Law?

Business law encompasses all of the state and federal laws and regulations that surround starting, purchasing, running and selling a business. This can also involve how to file for bankruptcy. Regardless of your company size, it is advisable to hire a Denver business attorney to help you understand the legal steps you should take to