Conservatorship in Denver

In Colorado, a Conservator is an individual appointed by the Court to manage the estate of a protected person. The Conservator is responsible for:

  • Making financial investment and management decisions
  • Account(s) administration
  • Paying bills
  • Ensuring proper distribution and use of assets

These activities are performed for the best interests of the protected person who lacks the ability to perform such functions.

Considering the particular disabilities and abilities of the person, the law requires that the least restrictive means necessary are being employed and that regular reports and accountings are filed with the Court to assure proper oversight.

Conservator Liability in Colorado

A Conservator may be personally liable to the protected person and/or third parties in certain circumstances, including when the relationship is not disclosed, the Conservator is directly at fault for breach of fiduciary duty, was negligent or acted criminally.  In some situations, a Conservator may be held personally liable even though the Conservator’s improper actions were not intentional or grossly negligent.

Conservators need experienced and capable counsel to assure compliance with the requirements of the law and the orders of the court.

If you need assistance in becoming a Conservator in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado, or need help understanding and complying with the legal requirements for your current appointment, contact our Colorado Conservator lawyers today.