Can a Family Override a Living Will?

There is a reason why a living will in Denver is such an important legal document: it cannot be changed by anyone other than the person who writes it. If you have prepared a living will, this means you have stated in writing what type of medical care you want administered if you become incapacitated

#FreeBritney: A Conservatorship for the Books

In 2008, singer Britney Spears lost full control over her estate and assets (today estimated at $60 million) when her father and an attorney were named the co-conservators of her estate. A conservator is a person(s) chosen by the courts to protect an incapacitated or incapable adult’s financial affairs and estate. In this case, the

Super Lawyers at Brown & Crona, LLC

Brown & Crona LLC is proud to announce that Nicole Economy Brown and Spencer Crona have been named as 2021 “Super Lawyers” in Denver by Thomson Reuters. Ms. Brown’s selection is for her experience in estate planning and probate.  Mr. Crona’s selection is for his experience in estate and trust litigation. This is a highly-respected

Are DIY Wills Legal?

Seemingly unlimited internet resources have made DIY (do it yourself) all the rage – especially during the pandemic when we have all had extra time on our hands. Love to wear tie dye shirts? DIY! Want to update your bathroom? DIY! Always wanted a fire pit in your backyard? DIY! Cannot find a tablecloth to

Law Lingo: Attorney

Welcome to Law Lingo: a monthly blog series brought to you by Brown & Crona, LLC that explains estate planning terminologies in simple terms. This month we will explain the concept of what an attorney is. Attorney is another word for lawyer or attorney at law. These are umbrella terms that encompass the vast legal

What are the Duties of a Probate Administrator?

People tend to accumulate possessions and money throughout their lives. When they are gone from this world, something must happen with those items and assets – they cannot sit idly around. A probate administrator is someone who has been appointed by the courts to make sure everything in a deceased person’s estate is settled. For

What Does it Mean to be the Administrator of an Estate?

If a probate court has appointed you to be the administrator of an estate, you will be responsible for ensuring that a deceased person’s possessions and assets are overseen until they can be distributed to the appropriate people. These are the same duties that an executor of an estate would handle. However, instead of being